The thought that some families do not have food on the table or that the food they do have is minimal and would possibly not get them through to the next payday is to some unimaginable.

Nonetheless, HUNGER is very real here in Australia.


Aussie’s live in Poverty,

OVER 730,000

Are Aussie Children

60,000 TONNES

Of food rescued each week by our team.


Food Solutions beginnings where very humble. It all started in a small kitchen on Frank Street, Mt Druitt in the home of founders Abraham and Allison Akkary.  Our first FOOD SOLUTIONS Street Meal took place on the 6th September 2006 serving around 100 locals.

Since then the CMP Team have become one of Australia’s leading food rescue organisations, harvesting over 60 tonnes of quality food each week from Food Retailers, Manufactures and Distributors and through multiple programs we deliver these essential resources to more than 1 Million people in need throughout NSW every year. 

Free Food Shops

 In 2010 FOOD SOLUTIONS launched our FREE FOOD SHOP.

There are many people living in Australia who do not have enough food to eat. Children go to school without breakfast, families struggle to put enough on the table to go around, and people sleeping rough can’t always get what they need to stay healthy.

Through FOOD SOLUTIONS, FOODSHARE and our FREE FOOD SHOPS Programs Christ Mission Possible deliver groceries to communities through Churches, Community Centres, PCYC, Schools, Neighbourhood Centres and Direct on the streets.

Every FREE FOOD SHOP is FREE of charge and fees. Combined we reach over 15,000 people each week in multiple locations.


Street Meals


 STREET MEALS have been a central part of Christ Mission Possible’s community outreach programs since our first one in September 2006.

Our Street Meals provide a connection to the community that allows our team access to those who are most vulnerable, homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Today Christ Mission Possible is the largest and longest-running provider of street meals to the community, serving hot breakfasts, hot dinners and afternoon teas in multiple locations.




 Each year our FOODSHARE pragram supports other local community groups, churches and charities with food for their communities through our FOOD SOLUTIONS Distribution Centre.

FOODSHARE works like a FOODBANK, we harvest food from retailers, manufacturers and Distributors bring it into our distribution centre and then share it with our Partners. 


School Programs



 Not only can a good breakfast change a child’s morning but knowing that when the bell rings for lunch and recess they have a lunch bag full of nutritious food can change their entire day. 

Teachers estimate that the average student loses more than 2 hours a day of learning time when they come to school hungry. 

Teachers also report an increased workload due to hungry students as the children find it harder to concentrate, are lethargic and demonstrate behavioral problems 

FOOD SOLUTIONS has been providing Cereal, Milk, Bread and Fruit for locals SCHOOL BREAKFAST CLUB’S since our beginning 

and at the end of 2016 we launched BROWN PAPER BAG. BPB collaborates with teachers and principles to identify children within the schools that are most at risk. BPB practically helps in the fight against HUNGER within our local school’s.

These programs enable hungry children to enjoy a nutritious meal and allow’s these children to engage and participate fully in all the educational and social opportunities that the school years offer.




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