So we live in Australia. surely we don't have a homeless problem, do we?

Well yes, we do, tonight over 115,000 Aussies will not have a place to call home.

The issue of HOMELESSNESS is a very real reality for many families, women, men and young people.


Homelessness is still a big problem

OVER 115,000

Aussie's are Homeless

OVER 26%

of these are Children



With over 105,000 people homeless in Australia we developed in 2009 a response to our local homeless crisis Christ Mission Possible launched HOUSING SOLUTIONS and pioneered what is now know as Rapid Re-Housing.

Rescuing families from sleeping in their cars, couch surfing or rough sleeping and rehousing them back in their own home.

Did you know?

2.9 Million Aussies live life under the international poverty line and 731,300 of these are children.

Over 105,000 Aussies do not have a place to call home on any given night and again 17,845 of these are also children.

1 in 3 people in poverty experience relationship breakdown and suicide, 89% live in fear from financial pressure and 97% suffer anxiety or depression.

Christ Mission Possible has been able to help people in the area of HOMELESSNESS.

Why are the homeless?

Homelessness is often a result of a number of complex issues which can include: ƒ

The chronic shortage of affordable and available rental housing ƒ Domestic and family violence ƒ

Intergenerational poverty ƒ Financial crisis ƒ Long-term unemployment ƒ Economic and social exclusion ƒ

Severe and persistent mental illness and psychological distress ƒ

Exiting state care ƒ Exiting prison ƒ Severe overcrowding/housing crisis.

What is homelessness?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) definition of homelessness, states that when a person does not have suitable accommodation alternatives they are considered homeless if their current living arrangement:

is a dwelling that is inadequate; or has no tenure, or if their initial tenure is short and not extendable; or does not allow them to have control of, and access to space for social relations. People who are experiencing homelessness are usually staying in the following areas: Improvised dwellings, tents or sleeping out Supported accommodation for the homeless

Rapid Re-Housing

What is Rapid Re-Housing? Rapid Re-Housing is a quick response Housing Solution for people experiencing homelessness.

  • Transitional Accommodation Program (TAP)
  • Immediate Individualised Response
  • Access to private rental stock through partnering with local Real Estates, Owners and Managing Agents (not community housing)
  • Guaranteed Rent/Repairs for Landlord peace of mind
  • Ready access to NILs Loans and Rent Start for Bond
  • Wrap around support from Tenancy Support Workers (TSW)
  • Client focused exit strategies

today our Housing Program is the standard sought by Housing NSW and other lead agencies. Through Housing Solutions, we are able to provide over 60,000 bed nights each year.

Crisis Accommodation

What is Crisis Accommodation?

Homelessness affects many people in different ways some just need a short-term Solution or somewhere to gather their thoughts.

  • CMP provides a safe and secure self-contained environment to lay their head.
  • Family/Individualised specialised premises
  • Live in caretakers for support
  • Access to other services

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