Can CMP use my property? Yes,

Christ Mission Possible can use your property in two methods; if you are an owner of a property and would like to use you property in the private rental market CMP would become your managing agent, If you are a Real Estate or Managing Agent CMP would lease your property through way of headleasing.

Investing in helping the homeless

Christ Mission Possible have a high reputation in our field for delivering positive outcomes in housing, property management and tenancy support. We are a leading agency in Crisis Accommodation and pioneer of Rapid Re-Housing in NSW.

Our vision is to create vibrant, sustainable accommodation within communities through the delivery of outstanding homes and support services.

By partnering with Christ Mission Possible you are supporting our vision to bring freedom to those who are homeless or facing homelessness. Through our partnerships, Christ Mission Possible is committed to delivering achievable Housing Solutions.

Real Estates and Managing Agents

What is headleasing?

Headleasing refers to properties that Christ Mission Possible leases from the private rental market and sub-leases to approved clients. Generally, CMP leases a property for an agreed period.

Why do CMP headlease properties?

By headleasing properties, CMP is able to meet the short-to-medium term demand in areas where there are either insufficient or long waiting times for public housing when clients have been placed on tica or have no rental history.
CMP continually seeks to match these houses to each potential client to ensure a successful completion and transition to our Housing Program.

How does headleasing work?

Headleasing with CMP involves two types of documents.
One is a lease between CMP and the landlord or managing agent, and the other is a program agreement or Transitional Program Agreement (TAP)  between the client and CMP.
CMP is then able to sub-let the property to its own clients without further approval from the landlord.
CMP is responsible for the payment of rent and water.
The landlord is responsible for the normal property maintenance.

Private Landlords and Owners

Christ Mission Possible will provide tenancy support services to ensure your property is managed efficiently and will meet on going NSW requirements. These services are provided by way of a Property Management Agreement, which you the owner will be required to execute in order to participate in our housing program.

Christ Mission Possible will provide the following services:

  • a dedicated Property Manager, who will become your key contact at CMP. Our Property Manager will take on responsibility for the care and maintenance of the property as per our agreement.
  • that each client is interviewed, reference checked and assessed.
  • a property condition report at the commencement and termination of each tenancy/client exit.
  • all tenancy and TAP agreements are appropriately signed, bonds collected and lodged.
  • a monthly statement of rents collected.
  • the agreed process for escalation of maintenance and or repairs, within set dollar value.
  • a minimum, two inspections per year.
  • manage all client breaches, including preparation of submissions to NCAT, attendance, mediation and settlement of cases, depending on each individual agreement.

Advantages to private landlords and managing agents include:

  • rent payments are secure and paid on time
  • the rental period is defined and there is no vacancy factor
  • CMP will return the property in the condition in which it was originally leased, apart from fair wear and tear
  • all approved clients are supported on a weekly to fortnighly basis by our tenancy support team
  • water usage charges are secure and paid on time

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